Some of the feedback from the learners completing one of our Construction/CSCS courses

“I gained more understanding on everything. Overall very helpful I learnt a lot and got more confidence in going for a job.”

“I learned things I didn’t know before”

“I learnt a lot about the health and safety signs that I didn’t know before and it’s made me a lot more confident in this aspect of work. I’ve made some really good friends while I’ve been on this course and also learned how to make money go further. There was nothing that needed to be changed or improved I must say the course was set out exactly how I hoped it would. Thoroughly enjoyed this course.”

“I gained better interview skills and the knowledge of how to pass the CSCS test.”

“I appreciated the Health and Safety awareness in construction and it was good to re-experience a classroom situation. Any issues that I had were my own and they were accommodated. I feel that I was perfectly supported to achieve my very best through this course.”

Success Rates

We are often asked how many of the students that enrol on our courses succeed and gain qualifications. Since we began delivering free, nationally accredited training 98.1% of the students who enrol with Reform Training and Skills succesfully complete and achieve qualifications in Construction, Retail Customer Services, Hospitality & Catering PLUS  gaining valuable employability skills.

RYT Project, Bristol


16/18 learner attended RTAS Job Club after completing a course, was put in contact with a local employer, Network Research  and has an job interview  on Monday ,Well done!!


16/18 learner attended RTAS Job Club after completing a course, is now working for Cleveland Cable Company. Well done again !!

Retail Success

C.M. Successfully completed our Employability & Retail Customer Service course in Somerset. Within one week, C.M. had directly approached a prestigious local employer "on the offchance they had a vacancy", following an interview C.M. is now working full time in a customer facing role.

Well done!

Learner review of our Retail Customer Service course

I found the Reform Training course very positive and enjoyable indeed. Not only was the course extremely informative, but also it was taught in a way that kept me and all the other learners interested and attentive. It was also a really great experience to be in a room with people in the same situation.

Unemployment can be a horribly isolating thing. Sometimes it feels like there's something wrong with you simply because you can't find employment. And it can feel like everyone else is earning lots of money in great careers when you're stuck in this seemingly hopeless loop of not finding a job even though you graft away every single day at finding one. So it was really nice to spend time with people all in the same boat and with people who all have their issues with the system. Made me realise it's not just me. And they were all such lovely talented intelligent people too. Some of them had incredible experience and amazing stories, and yet couldn't find employment. It was nice for us all to get together like that and feel united and accepted.

Haha! Sorry completely went off on a tangent there. I'm finding it difficult to fully explain what I mean.

So yes the course was so good! I mean really I took so much from it. It probably helped that I've had and thoroughly enjoyed many retail jobs. So I already had that interest in the retail and customer service side of things.

Ultimately - thank you Mick. You are truly a totally brilliant tutor. It's obvious that you genuinely care about helping everyone. You're one of those people who understands the power of being warm and understanding toward others.J

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